This page is a collection of the majority of the homebrew recipes posted on this blog. I have left out a handful of recipes that weren't great and I have no interest in working into something better. The homebrew recipes are broken up loosely into categories and you can jump forward to a group of recipes using the jump links below. The sour recipes included on this page are also included in the sour beer page and the recipes listed in the weird ingredients section are cross-posted in the other categorizes as appropriate.

Saison | Sour/Brett | Hoppy | Malty | Weird Ingredients

Saison Recipes

My saison recipes range from low gravity to high gravity and yeast forward to hoppy. Some of the recipes have brettanomyces but could be brewed without brett.

Just the Tip - Mixed fermentation saison with fir tree tips snagged from a Christmas tree
Tropic Bling 2.0 - Clone of Funkwerks' Tropic King with a mixed fermentation
Sanskrit Saison - A medium strength saison with ginger, golden raisins, buckwheat and green cardamom
NYE Saison - A saison I brewed to open on NYE 2014 with chardonnay
Melting Point - A hoppy imperial saison with brett
Tropic Bling - A clone of Funkwerks Tropic King
Wildfire - Saison with mesquite-smoked munich malt
Spelt Saison - A saison with spelt and oats
Dogtails 3 - Another basic saison but with brett and apricots
Dogtails Noel - A winter saison with spices
Dogtails 1 - A basic saison with English hops
Fake Fox - A light, 4% rye saison that's heavy on the rye.

Sour/Brett Recipes

The sour beer recipes include the sour projects listed on the sour beer page of the blog along with notes detailing the progress of the individual projects. Other recipes are standalone recipes unrelated to any particular project. These sour homebrew recipes include classic Belgian sour styles, clean beer styles soured and beers with no particular style in mind that I soured. The brett saisons posted above are cross-posted here for convenience.

Barrel aged Americanized Oud Bruin - American-style oud bruin recipe designed for barrel aging; loosely based on the Rare Barrel oud bruin recipe
Midnight Train Going Anywhere - A kettle soured rye Belgian stout
Proletariat - Sour rye pale ale based on Firestone Walker Agrestic
Belgian Brown - Just like the name says; a middling strength Belgian brown ale soured.
Lincoln Logs - A Belgian sour brown ale
Deflated Balls - A sour brown ale made out of leftover grains from other batches
Yellow Umbrella - Sour mashed blonde ale with apricots
Melting Point - A hoppy imperial saison with brett
Lucky Pierre - A brett beer primary fermented with brett custersianus and secondaried with brett anomalous
Battery Acid - Sour black ale later blended with a Belgian stout
Petrus Aged Pale Clone - Exactly what it says
Dogtails 3 - Another basic saison but with brett and apricots
Hot Carl 1 - A simple saison-ish grain bill for an ale using wild-cultured yeast
Sour Mashed Kriek - A sour cherry ale soured with a sour mash rather than post-fermentation souring

Hoppy Recipes

This section includes any recipe with a significant hop flavor/aroma including IPA, pale ale and hoppy saisons. 

Robot Geisha Belgian Pale Ale - Belgian pale ale with WY1214 and a mix of hops; some of the batch received a light roast natural Ethiopian coffee
Not Applicable Nugget Amber Lager - Simple amber lager recipe with a huge amount of nugget hops at whirlpool similar to the NE IPA/pale ale technique
Donner Pass - NE pale ale...sorta
Exodus 2.0 Red IPA - Red IPA designed to mix with an oak-aged Manhattan to emulate a Manhattan cocktail barrel aged Red IPA
Be Cool - A hoppy session-strength lager
I Hate this Place - A kellerpils with some solid hopping
I Pee Eh? - A black IPA recipe that could justifiably be called an aggressively hoppy American porter

Malty Recipes

This section contains recipes with a significant malt presence such as porters, stouts, barleywines, scotch ales and adambier. I have also lumped into this category various lagers and Belgian ales that do not fit in the sour/brett or saison categories. Some are not malty beers but they include styles that often end up lumped in with malty beers so I have followed suit to avoid an excessive number of divisions on the page.

Barrel aged Mebier - Adjusted recipe of my adambier mebier below for the second fill of my wheat whisky barrel
Diabeetus Juice - Imperial stout recipe designed for the first fill of my wheat whisky barrel
Double Dog Dare/Triple Dog Dare - Partigyle brown ale with big portion receiving oak-soaked rye whiskey and the small portion receiving cocoa nibs and vanilla
Zig Zag - Belgian Quad with a portion receiving cocoa nibs and nouyuax
Midnight Train Going Anywhere - A kettle soured rye Belgian stout
Swordfight #3 - A light Belgian blonde with spices
Pivo Kielich #2 - A low ABV grodziski with celeia hops
Czech It Uut - Czech dark lager inspired by the Czech dark lager recipe in For the Love of Hops
Biere de Mars Attacks! - A biere de mars with Aramis
Mebier - An Adambier based on the Hair of the Dog Adam proto-recipe in Barleywine
Black Samurai - Oak aged dry stout
Old King Clancy - An old ale with pilloncillo
Ratchet - A very malty biere de mars-ish beer
Salivator - Doppelbock recipe heavy on the caramel flavors
Wakey Wakey- Coffee and oatmeal stout
Motor Oil - Belgian stout recipe
Ugli Ass Wheat - An American wheat with uglifruit
Nameless Wit - A basic wit recipe
Sexless Innkeeper - A wheatwine in the dunkelweizen style
Monacle - A Scotch ale recipe with a little more complexity than the typical recipe
Watersports Kolsch - A basic kolsch recipe
Squid Juice - A Piraat-style tripel closer to a Belgian barleywine
Swordfight - A Belgian golden strong ale with pears
Pivo Kielich - A grodziski a little stronger than the typical 3% grodziski
Exodus 1 - A reddish ale that turns out more like an English brown than an Irish red.

Weird Ingredients Recipes

Sometimes I just can't help but brew with unusual ingredients. This category is a receptacle for those recipes that employed a weird ingredient in an otherwise normal recipe. This includes the use of fruits, various adjuncts, spices, teas, woods and so forth. The recipes are cross-posted in the above sections for convenience.

Zig Zag - Belgian Quad with a portion receiving cocoa nibs and nouyuax
Sanskrit Saison - A medium strength saison with ginger, golden raisins, buckwheat and green cardamom
Lying Scorpion - A pale ale with hatch chiles -- a serious crowd pleaser
Wildfire - Saison with mesquite-smoked munich malt
Mesquite Porter - A porter recipe using molasses made from mesquite pods
Slutty Pumpkin 1 - My first pumpkin ale
Session Brown - A light brown ale created from toasting pale malt in the oven to create various specialty malts

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