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This page is a collection of the majority of the homebrew recipes posted on this blog. I have left out a handful of recipes that weren't great and I have no interest in working into something better. The homebrew recipes are broken up loosely into categories and you can jump forward to a group of recipes using the jump links below. I tend not to brew strictly to style so you may find my style categorization or labels to be particularly accurate. In addition to these recipes you can find all of my mixed fermentation non-saison recipes on the sour page.

Saison/Farmhouse| Hoppy | Malty

Saison/Farmhouse Ale Recipes

These saison recipes include both mixed fermentation and typical saison yeast strain recipes. I've identified the different fermentation techniques on this page although most of the recipes could easily be replicated with clean saccharomyces fermentation or any sort of mixed fermentation.

Dogtails - My evolving "standard" mixed fermentation saison with an occasional Christmas version
  • Batch 1: Simple recipe with English hops
  • Batch 2: A Christmas version with spices
  • Batch 3: Simple recipe but with apricots added in secondary
Melting Point - An imperial saison recipe with a more complex grain bill
  • Batch 1: Mixed fermentation with a portion aged further on brandy-soaked oak cubes (tasting notes)
Just the Tip - Mixed fermentation saison with evergreen tree additions
Tropic Bling - Clone recipes for Funkwerks' Tropic King saison

Sombrero Saison - Mixed fermentation saison with grapefruit peel, orange peel, prickly pear and lavender leaves
Sanskrit Saison - Spiced saison with atypical saison spices inspired by Indian spice combinations
Wildfire - A lighter saison brewed with mesquite-smoked munich malt (tasting notes)
NYE Saison - A saison I brewed to open on NYE 2014 with chardonnay
Spelt Saison - A saison with spelt and oats (tasting notes)
Fake Fox - A light, 4% rye saison that's heavy on the rye (tasting notes)

Hoppy Recipes

This label speaks for itself. Here you'll find my hoppy non-mixed fermentation beers including pale ale, IPA, hoppy lagers and the like.

Belgian Pale Ale

Robot Geisha Belgian Pale Ale - Belgian pale ale with WY1214 and a mix of hops; some of the batch received a light roast natural Ethiopian coffee (tasting notes)

Black IPA

I Pee Eh? - A black IPA recipe that could justifiably be called an aggressively hoppy American porter (tasting notes)

Hazy Pale Ale

Azzacca NE Pale Ale - Single hop hazy pale ale with azzacca hops
Donner Pass - A east-meets-west hazy pale ale that combines elements of a SNPA-style west coast pale ale with the hazy east coast style (tasting notes post)

Hoppy Amber

Not Applicable - Amber ale brewed with a huge amount of nugget hops at whirlpool (tasting notes)

Hoppy Lager

Be Cool - A pale hoppy lager brewed with a blend of American and European hops

Red IPA/Imperial Red

Exodus 2.0 - Red IPA infused with a Manhattan cocktail aged with oak (tasting notes)

Malty Recipes

This section contains recipes with a significant malt presence such as porters, stouts, barleywines, scotch ales and adambier. I have also lumped into this category various lagers and Belgian ales that do not fit in the sour/brett or saison categories. Basically, if it didn't fall into any other category it landed here.


Mebier - An adambier inspired by the early Hair of the Dog Adam recipe supplied in Barleywine

  • Batch 1: Original rendition of my take on the style (tasting notes)
  • Batch 2: Barrel aged version in a second fill of a wheat whisky barrel
Barleywine/Old Ale/Strong Ale/Scotch Ale

Old King Clancy - Old ale brewed with pilloncillo and blended with Blacula
Monacle - Simple Scotch ale recipe
Bar Barleywine - Barleywine/mild partigyle recipe

Belgian Golden Strong Ale/Tripel/Belgian Blonde

Squid Juice - A Piraat-style BGSA
Swordfight - An evolving Belgian blonde recipe starting with my first homebrew 
  • Batch 1: Belgian blonde recipe from a kit (no post)
  • Batch 2: Belgian blonde with pears inspired by Duvel
  • Batch 3: Similar recipe but with spice addition
Belgian Dark Strong Ale/Quadrupels/Dubbels

Zig Zag - Belgian Quad with a portion receiving cocoa nibs and nouyuax

Biere de Mars

Ratchet - A dunkelweizen recipe adjusted to become a biere de mars (tasting notes)
Biere de Mars Attacks! - Biere de mars brewed with aramis hops

Blonde Ale/American Blonde/Golden Ale/Kolsch

Watersports Kolsch - A basic kolsch recipe
Lying Scorpion - American blond ale brewed with hatch chiles
Brown Ale/Red Ale

Exodus 1.0 - An attempt at an Irish red that turned out more of a brown ale
Double Dog Dare/Triple Dog Dare - Partigyle brown ale with big portion receiving oak-soaked rye whiskey and the small portion receiving cocoa nibs and vanilla
Pale to Brown - Kilned pale malt in the oven to various temperatures and used the grain to make a decent brown ale

Dark Lagers

Czech It Uut - Czech dark lager inspired by the recipe in For the Love of Hops (tasting notes)
Salivator - Standard doppelbock recipe

English Pale Ale/ESB/Session Beers

STD ESB: An ESB recipe brewed to serve on cask (tasting notes)
Slutty Pumpkin I - English pale ale-ish pumpkin beer


Pivo Kielich - 100% smoked wheat malt lager

Pre-Prohibition Pils - A pre-prohibition pilsner influenced beer with a not-so pre-prohibition hop choice
I Hate This Place Kellerpils - An unfiltered pilsner with no finings (tasting notes)


Throwback - A mid-2000 take on imperial stout but treated to pastry stout adjuncts
Diabeetus Juice - Imperial stout recipe designed for the first fill of my wheat whisky barrel
Black Samauri - A low ABV American stout aged with whisky-soaked oak (tasting notes)
Blacula - Rye porter blended with Old King Clancy into Oh Yeah!
Motor Oil - Low ABV Belgian stout
Wakey Wakey - Basic oatmeal stout with coffee (tasting notes)
Get Rich or Die TRYEING - A rye imperial stout served on cask
Skeet Skeet - American porter with mesquite pods

Wheat/American Wheat/Hefeweizen/Dunkelweizen/Wit

Ugli Ass Wheat - An American wheat with uglifruit (tasting notes)
Nameless Wit - A basic wit recipe (tasting notes)
Sexless Innkeeper - A wheatwine in the dunkelweizen style
Slutty Pumpkin II - Dunkelweizen with pumpkin spices (tasting notes)

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