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Other Useful Posts

This page is a catchall for various posts that I thought were worthwhile to make easily accessible but did not fit in any other category. After these posts is a collection of blog posts about my beer travels. I mostly write these posts for my own recollection of what I did and enjoyed drinking but you might find them useful for some tips on places to go (or avoid).

Brewing Posts | Beer Adventures

Brewing Posts

Working with agave - A primer on using agave nectar, agave syrup and similar agave-derived sugar sources.

Roasting grain in the oven - A brief overview of creating various specialty malts out of two row pale malt.

Homemade candy syrups - Every homebrewing blog has to have it and here's my take on it.

Working with a corona style mill - Getting the most out of the cheaper end of the grain mill market.

The good and the bad: a review of Gordon Strong's Brewing Better Beer

Party Pigs - An older homebrewing draft system that I have repurposed for cask/gravity pouring and worked on being able to repressurized for easy pouring.

Mesquite pods - Using this regional ingredient that can be used to create interesting molasses-like flavors.

Barleywine - A review of Brewing Publication's 1990s barleywine style book.

Smoking grains - A primer on smoking grain at home.

New Brewing Lager Beer - A review of Greg Noonan's stellar lager guide.

For the Love of Hops - A review of Stan Hieronymous's book on hops.

Spent grain waffles - Everybody makes spent grain bread but you can also make spent grain waffles.

The Homebrewer's Garden - A review of this book about growing hops, herbs and grains.

Champagne bottle sizes - A list of the names and sizes of all the champagne bottles out there.

Belma hops - A discussion of belma hops.

Water - A review of Brewing Publication's book on water.

Aurora and Celeia hops - A discussion of these two styrian hop varieties.

Altbier - A review of the Brewing Publication's Altbier style book.

Scotch Ale - A review of the Brewing Publication's Scotch Ale style book.

IPA - A review of Mitch Steele's IPA style book published by Brewing Publications.

The Beer Bible - A review of Jeff Alworth's exposition of beer styles.

Hanging out with Eric and Lauren Salazar - My notes from a symposium by the two key people in New Belgium's sour program

Beer Adventures

Austin, Texas

Austin 2012 - Jester King, North by Northwest, Whip In and a few other beer bars

More Austin in 2012:
  • Part 1: Flix Brewhouse, North by Northwest, Adelbert's
  • Part 2: Thirsty Planet, Jester King and some other beers
 Austin Spring 2013:
  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: Flix Brewhouse, Hops & Grain, Bangers
  • Part 3: Thirsty Planet and Jester King
  • Part 4: Whip In, Live Oak Brewing, Freetail
  • Part 5: Pinthouse Pizza, Austin Draughthouse, Black Star Co-op
Austin Summer 2013:
  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: Real Ale, Austin Draughthouse, Thirsty Planet
  • Part 3:  Hops & Grain, Whip In, Bangers, Flix Brewhouse
Austin 2014 - Hops and Grain, 512 Brewing, Twisted X, Jester King, Whip In

Austin 2014 Labor Day - A smattering of notes about beers found around the city

Austin 2016 - Infamous, Oasis, Live Oak's new location

Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Longmont, Colorado Springs)

Colorado in 2011:
  • Part 1: An overview of the trip
  • Part 2: Visiting Avery (old location)
  • Part 3: Longmont with Left Hand and Oskar Blues
  • Part 4: Fort Collins with Odell's and Coopersmith
  • Part 5: Denver-ish area with Dam Brewing, Rock Bottom, Wynkoop and Boulder
  • Part 6: Back in Fort Collins with Fort Collins Brewing and Funkwerks
  • Part 7: New Belgium
  • Part 8: An underview of the trip
Colorado in 2012:
  • Part 1: An overview and some tasty beers
  • Part 2: Denver Beer Co., Great Divide, Copper Kettle, Left Hand
  • Part 3: Fort Collins Brewing, Odell, New Belgium
  • Part 4: Equinox, Funkwerks
Colorado in 2013:
Colorado 2014 - Hops and Pie, Lucky Pie, Freshcraft, World of Beer, 4 Noses, Wild Woods, Baere, The Post, Horse and Dragon, Fort Collins Brewing, Funkwerks, River North and GABF

Colorado 2015 - Crooked Stave, River North, Manitou Springs, Bristol, Left Hand, Oskar Blues, Fort Collins Brewing, Funkwerks

More Colorado 2015 - Great Divide Barrel Room, Crooked Stave, Beryl, Former Future and more.

California (San Diego, LA/Orange County, San Francisco)

California Spring 2014:
  • Part 1: The Bruery
  • Part 2: Firestone Walker, Firestone Walker Barrelworks, Russian River
San Diego and Los Angeles Winter 2014:
  • Part 1: Green Flash, Alesmith, Mission, Societe, Pizza Port (Solana Beach), Lost Abbey
  • Part 2: Alpine, Stone, The Bruery, Karl Strauss, Absolution
Los Angeles 2015 - Hangar 24, Monkish, Absolution, Smog City, Phantom Carriage

Oregon (Portland, Hood River, Bend)

Oregon 2014:
  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: Deschutes Portland Pub, Hair of the Dog, Cascade,
  • Part 3: Breakside, Upright, Hopworks Urban Brewing, The Commons
  • Part 4: Double Mountain, Pfriem, Logsdon, Solera Brewing
  • Part 5: 10 Barrel, Good Life, Cascade Lakes, McMenamins, Silver Moon, Old Mill, Worthy, Bend Brewing, Boneyard, Crux, Deschutes Production Brewhouse, Deschutes Bend Pub
Oregon 2015:
  • Part 1: Portland and Hood River
  • Part 2: Bend
  • Part 3: Technical brewing info from Deschutes and Ale Apothecary

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Vegas in 2011 - Some places to drink on the strip.

    Vegas in 2013 - A brief review of some places to find good beer, particularly Public House.

    Miscellaneous Locations

    Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City, MO

    Hawaii - Drinking beer in Maui

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