Petrus Aged Pale Clone Update #5 - Brain Sparging on Brewing


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June 21, 2014

Petrus Aged Pale Clone Update #5

I've mentioned this beer off and on as a problem child in my sour brewing. It wouldn't sour for the longest time and after doing the unthinkable--picking up the fermentor and shaking the shit out of it--I finally triggered the brett and bacteria to do their thing. This beer has been a problem child the whole time. This beer is now named Problem Child.

Problem Child is definitely an incredibly acetic beer. I tasted the beer and tried to identify it. I smelled it against some malt vinegar in the kitchen and it was very similar. I drank a little kombucha yesterday and the flavor and aroma was identical. It's not awful but the acidity is very sharp and the flavor is the same sort of funky earthy/vegetal/barnyard mix you find in kombucha. Not really something I want to drink an entire glass of by itself. I put roughly half a gallon on a half gallon of currant juice. I want to see if cutting it with fruit flavor makes it more enjoyable to drink. If so then I might split most of the batch up among different fruit. If it isn't great then I'll keep it around as an acid beer to mix into blends where the acidity isn't as bright as I would like. Not what I hoped for with this beer but sometimes with sour beer you just have to roll with what you get.


  1. Is this the first attempt at this beer?

  2. Have you done much blending of beers in the past? I have only read about it but I'm considreing trying it out in the future.

  3. Before you shook the fermenter, you should have racked off a litre or so and used that to oxygenate. That way you could mix the "cleaner" beer with the sour litre to taste.

    Oxygen will basically turn it to vinegar, so you need to be careful how much oxygen the beer is exposed to.