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This is a growing collection of worthwhile homebrewing links I enjoy reading. Do you have a blog or website you find helpful that you don't see here? Add a comment and let me know.


Appellation Beer -  Stan Hieronymous' well-written blog on beer, drinking beer and brewing beer.

Ale of the Riverwards - Ed Coffey pens this homebrewing blog from sour beer to blending to an array of Belgian and American beer styles.

Eureka Brewing - One of the most scientific homebrewing blogs around.

Spontaneous Funk - Michael Thorpe, another attorney, authors this blog focused on farmhouse styles with lots of blending.

Brulosophy - A well crafted homebrewing blog with a focus on brewing experiments.

The Mad Fermentationist - This might be the most read homebrew blog on earth. If not, it's definitely among the best with a huge focus on sour and wild beers.

Ryan Brews - This is another excellent blog with a solid focus on sour and wild beers.

Embrace The Funk - An excellent and well written blog discussing sour and wild beers. Great information out there.

Brew Geeks - An all around great blog about homebrewing with lots of information.

Homebrew Stores

Dallas Homebrew - One of the local shops that sells a wide range of supplies. Their prices are very reasonable and the service is very good, which is why I often drive past two other shops to do business here.

Northern Brewer - A staple of the homebrewing community, NB offers an excellent range of ingredients and equipment along with a great forum. My favorite part of their website is that they publish all the recipes to their kits, so it's a great place to look at solid recipes to build your own.

Texas Brewing Inc. - A local shop, located in Haltom City, just outside of Fort Worth.

Midwest Supplies - Another great homebrew mega store. - Supplies corny kegs and kegging supplies. Reasonable prices on kegs and sometimes has clearance kegs at lower prices that work fine but may not be the nicest looking. Also great resource for learning about kegging with corny kegs.

Adventures in Homebrewing - A versatile homebrewing shop with some really solid deals in their sale/clearance section. 

MoreBeer - More Beer has the selection and pricing of the large homebrewing shops but in my experience has some of the best customer service out there.

Farmhouse Brewing Supply - Farmhouse Brewing Supply has been around for only a few years but they have made waves in the homebrewing market with some great deals on hops and barrels. I always ransack their hop sales for their cheap four ounce packs, which is "bulk" for brewing one gallon batches.

Homebrew Discussion Forums

BeerSmith Forums - Forums on the BeerSmith website.

Northern Brewer Forum - Good forum, straight from Northern Brewer.

AHA Forum - Another robust forum that I have started to take more interest in. Wide variety of topics from basic homebrewing to those entering the pro arena.

Babble Belt - A low activity forum dedicated to wild and sour beers. Although it doesn't have a lot of activity there is enormous amounts of great info in the archives.

The Brewing Network Forum  - Another large forum but discussions IMO seem to parrot most of what is said on the podcasts, Palmer's book or Jamil's books.

Talk Beer - A growing forum of beer fans and homebrewers with a good group of people. Mostly beer douche free.

Milk the Funk - MTF is a group of sour/wild/farmhouse/brett brewers primarily based out of a Facebook group of the same name but also maintains a discussion board.

Organizations/Homebrew Clubs

 American Homebrewers Association - The AHA provides great benefits to members, such as homebrew shop, pub and brewery discounts, free subscription to Zymurgy, free access to back issues of Zymurgy, recipes from NHC winning beers, GABF members-only session access and other great members-only resources. They also lobby for expanding homebrewing rights.

Other Useful Sites

Basic Brewing - Can't go wrong with Basic Brewing Radio.

The Brewing Network - Also can't go wrong with The Brewing Network shows.

BeerSmith - My preferred recipe building software.

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