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June 17, 2014

Spontaneous Fermentation Project Part 10 -- week 23 of fermentation

It's been a couple weeks since my last update on this project but I've observed a changed condition in the beer and that seemed like a good reason to make another update. In the last post I discussed the strange jellyfish-like growths floating on the surface, along with some colorful pictures. On the surface of the beer, which I apparently did not photograph, there were the whatever-they-are things floating on top and otherwise the surface had a slight sheen but was otherwise like any other beer.

However, this weekend I noticed patches of tiny bubbles forming on the surface. Some of these bubbles seem to be coming off the jellyfish but their presence next to the patches may be unrelated other than the floating blobs happened to be in the right place. Most of the swarms of bubbles are independent of the blobs. I suspect these bubbles might be caught under a translucent film. I'm not sure at this point whether the bubbles are merely offgassing CO2 as the temperature rises in the house with the progression of summer or something biological.

You can see the edge of a blob on the left and some of the clumps of small bubbles in the middle. If you look at the surface as a whole you can tell there is some kind of oily film on the surface.

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