January 17, 2013

And an update on my Petrus Aged Pale Clone

My Petrus Aged Pale Clone began life in September 2012 based on the recipe in Wild Brews and went into a corny for long term aging with the dregs of a couple bottles of the real deal by October. I've mostly left it alone with the occasional peeking just to see what's going on. I decided to give it a taste today to see how it's moving along. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have much activity going on over the past three months. It tastes pretty much the same as it did when I racked to secondary (which is very tasty) although the oak I added in the corny is giving the beer a lot of astringency. I'm not concerned about the astringency because it will mellow with age.

I know I shouldn't be too concerned about the speed of activity but I am concerned the dregs were not viable and I won't get any souring at all. I'm still committed to letting it ride as is but if I don't see activity in another three months or so I'll probably commit to giving it some supplemental dregs. I don't want to hit it with some of my lambic because I suspect it would end up very similar. I'd like a different flavor profile here so I might resort to using the dregs of my lone Jolly Pumpkin beer in my "cellar" or a Jester King sour. I should be making my way down to Freetail in San Antonio in March so I might be able to bring back one of their sours to use instead. Not too worried now but worth keeping my eye on it.


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