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January 16, 2013

Wild Ale 2.0 -- Six months

I decided to give the beer a little taste and see how it was going, since this was about the oldest I ever tasted the first run of the beer when it was incredibly bretty and full of diacetyl. This time around it was very dry with a lot of yeast character, somewhere in between a Belgian abbey/trappist strain and a saison strain but without any phenolic character. There was some funky elements that came across initially as skunky. Interestingly, there is zero diacetyl and none of the cherry pie character I was hoping for.

It's possible that whatever gave the slurry I pitched from the first batch that sour and cherry pie character didn't survive the freezing process and what I have is all I am going to have but I don't have anything to lose by letting it go another 12-18 months. If there's still nothing interesting going on I'll probably toss in some dregs and let it sour with some help.

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