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Spontaneous Lambic Project

Calling a project "spontaneous" and "lambic" may be duplicitous because lambic is a spontaneously fermented beer. However, we homebrewers play fast and loose with the term and brew beers we call lambic that use lab-created blends of yeast and bacteria or the dregs of sour beers to find the bacteria and yeast that help us create these fantastic beers. I included "spontaneous" in naming this project because, unlike my lambic solera, this beer will be 100% spontaneously fermented. This page will include an updated list of the posts discussing this project.

Part 1 - An overview of the project and some introductory thoughts.

Part 2 - An explanation of the process and equipment I will use for this spontaneous fermentation.

Part 3 - The recipe and brewday.

Part 4 - A pictorial review of the first week of fermentation.

Part 5 - And week two of fermentation.

Part 6 - And week three of fermentation.

Part 7 - And week four of fermentation.

Part 8 - Eleven weeks into fermentation.

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