July 18, 2017

Azacca single hop NE pale ale recipe

I always try to start a blog post with a brief discussion of the style or something about the following recipe to make the post slightly more interesting to read than a bare recipe. For the NE IPA or pale ale style I'm not sure there is much more to be said that isn't currently part of a polarized discussion thread on one of the many brewing and beer forums around the internetz. You hate or love the style. Local breweries are either great or awful at them. You love the $60 can trade market or think it's the worst. I'm somewhere in between on the style but find the trade market one of the worst parts of craft beer right now.

I guess if I had anything unusual to say about the style it's that I hope it finds paths to stretch beyond just trying to be as murky as possible. I think paths exist using hops and other grains other than the small number that dominate the style that may breed completely new beer styles. Not just for more murk or fruit flavor. Why can't the style's smoother mouthfeel apply to darker beer styles? What would happen if a brewer lent the style's mechanics to a lower ABV pale ale with noble hops? 

Today's recipe does not answer these questions. It's a basic NE style pale ale with just azacca hops. The ingredient choices fell on utility; it's just ingredients I need to use up in the house. I opted for the NE style over a drier west coast pale ale because I still want to explore understanding the water profile that makes the style work. It's a nice summer beer to brew. It will feed my free party pig as something to sip through July. 

Azacca Single Hop NE Pale Ale Recipe

Batch Size: 2.25 gallon
Est. ABV: 5.1%
Est. IBU: 41
Est. OG: 1.050
Est. FG: 1.011
Est. SRM: 5
Expected Efficiency: 72%
Grain BillPoundsOuncesSRMPct. Grist
Pale malt30270.60%
White wheat malt8211.80%
Flaked oats8111.80%
Crystal 204205.90%
Water Profileppm
NE IPA Profile
PH: 5.5
Water AdditionsMashSparge
Epsom Salt0.7g00.8g
Canning Salt
Baking Soda0.6g
Calcium Chloride1.7g1.8g
Pickling Lime
Lactic Acid0.6ml
Mash ScheduleStep Temp.Step Time
Single infusion mash
Mash volume: 6.38 qt
Sparge volume: 1.74 gal
Infuse 76.38 quarts at 167F152F60
Sparge 1.74 gal at 190F
Boil ScheduleVolumeUnitTimeIBU
60 minute boil
Azacca [10.30%]0.3ozFWH31.6
Azacca [10.30%]0.5oz59.5
Azacca [10.30%]1.2ozWhirl?
Fermentation Schedule# DaysTemp.
Yeast: WY1318
Pitch 40ml yeast slurry
Pitch at 65F1465
Dry hop 2 oz azacca hops3Ambient
Package in party pig

Brewday and Fermentation Notes

Brewed 6.17.17.

First runnings: 1.080
Preboil volume: 3.4 gal
Preboil gravity: 1.038
Mash efficiency: 82%

Postboil gravity: 1.050
Postboil volume: 2.25 gal
Brewhouse efficiency: 72%