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January 22, 2014

Spontaneous Fermentation Project Part 5 -- week 2 of fermentation

Today's post picks up where the last post left off, on day eight of the spontaneous fermentation.

Day 8

Curiously, it seems like whatever was building up steam over the past two days has given up. Over the course of the day the white foam has started breaking down and retracting back into the beer. Underneath the surface the beer is still cloudy, which suggests there is more to come.

Day 9

Pretty much identical to yesterday. No change.

Day 10

What look like may be yeast rafts (yeast clumps holding on to bubbles on the surface) seem to be growing in size today. This is the same side of the fermentor as yesterday's picture so you can compare the two fairly closely. It's not much in the way of activity but it's something.

Day 11

No noticeable change here. Those yeast rafts seem a little bigger but maybe they are just more spread out. What was at the top of the screen in yesterday's picture is at the bottom of today's picture. Since there isn't anything interesting changing today I thought I would pull back and show more of the surface in a single picture.

Day 12

Keep hoping for some change but nope, it looks like everything is staying pretty much as it is.

Day 13

Still pretty much the same. You can see the beer is still pretty cloudy.

Day 14

Here you can see the surface is clear and stable. Other than the cloudy appearance, this beer fermented out very similar to any clean beer. The krausen was much more bubbly than the usual foamy krausen, so that was different, but otherwise this fermentation hasn't been anything unusual in appearance.

Really uneventful week. Since it looks like nothing interesting can be observed I will continue to take pictures but not post them up unless or until something starts to change in the appearance. Hopefully the next week will have something interesting to offer.

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