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November 15, 2012

Wild Ale 2.0 -- Four Months

It's been a couple months since I checked in on this beer. I try to ignore it because I'm expecting a two year aging process before bottling. The aging process isn't particularly exciting but it's interesting to peek my head in every once in a while and see where things are.

The last update in September only showed a very thin pellicle. Today the pellicle is thicker with some big bubbles. It is still fairly loose, it doesn't have that tight appearance pellicles often get although it is more opaque and dense. The beer is still extremely clear beneath. I know the description is much less interesting than a picture but it's hard to get a really good picture in the mouth of a gallon jug and the sides of the fermentor in the headspace has all the junk leftover from krausen so I can't get a great picture from the outside.

Right now my plans haven't changed for this beer, I still expect to let it ride out two years. I expect to wait to taste it until twelve months have gone by and then most likely give it another six months until I start thinking about bottling it. If the flavor is good at eighteen I'll probably go ahead and give it a bottling but I'm not opposed to letting it go all twenty-four months. I am still holding on to hope that the beer will develop into something excellent and I will want to commit another two years to a larger five or six gallon batch.

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