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November 7, 2012

Beer Cellar?

Like most beer snob/connoisseurs I have a small collection of beer I've accrued but haven't drank yet. I don't get into all the trading because I don't have time to track down beers to be able to trade (we don't get a lot of trade-worthy beers in the DFW area) but I do have some stuff I've acquired in other parts of the country. Some of this stuff is beer I bought purposely to age, some I bought with the intent of drinking right away but haven't and a few beers just got forgotten about for a while and haven't made their way into the fridge. So I thought I would just share what I'm sitting on. I know this isn't homebrewing-related but I'm putting in a lot of time on the yeast project (I'm currently fermenting three of the strains and organizing notes along the way) plus gearing up for my last round of law school finals.

  • Piraat 750ml acquired 12/10 (just forgot to drink when I bought it, now I'm just seeing where it goes)
  • Boulevard Brett Saison 750 ml acquired 7/09 (also bought and forgot to drink, now I am saving for next summer to break open against a 2013 bottle)
  • Rahr Barrel Aged Winter Warmer 2x22oz acquired 12/11
  • Franziskaner Dunkelweizen 16.9oz acquired 9/11 (also forgot to drink at the time and keep forgetting to just drink it)
  • Maui Brewing Coconut Porter 12oz acquired 9/11 (left behind and forgotten from a four pack)
  • Liefman Cuvee Brut 750ml acquired 9/11
  • Russian River Damnation 12 acquired 12/11
  • New Belgium Frambozen 6x12oz acquired 12/11 (bought last winter and forgot to drink it, probably past its prime)
  • Stone Collaboration Cherry Chocolate Stout 2011 12oz acquired 12/11
  • Lindemans Kriek 750ml acquired 10/11 (also a bought and forgot beer)
  • Blanche de Namur 750ml acquired 10/11 (also bought and forgot, the spices are probably a bit faded)
  • Liefman Goudenband 750ml acquired 11/11
  • Ommegang Aphrodite 750ml acquired 11/11 (early reviews said to age so that's what I'm doing)
  • Ommegang Three Philosophers 750ml acquired 12/11
  • Ommegang Hennepin 750ml acquired 12/11 (bought and forgot)
  • Ovilla Dubbel 750ml acquired 12/11
  • Leffe Blonde 750ml acquired 5/12 (bought and forgot)
  • Real Ale Sisyphus 12oz acquired 3/12 (I want to buy another bottle next year and taste vertically)
  • Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout 12oz acquired 3/12 (bought and forgot)
  • New Belgium La Folie 16.4oz  acquired 5/12
  • New Belgium and Lost Abbey Brett Beer (NB Version) 22oz acquired 7/12
  • Deschutes Collage 12oz acquired 7/12 (I acquired two bottles, the first was very rough, aging this for at least a year)
  • Great Divide Hoss 12oz acquired 8/12
  • Great Divide Hades 12oz acquired 8/12
  • Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire 750ml acquired 8/12
  • Dry Dock Vanilla Porter 22oz acquired 8/12
  • Lost Abbey Carnavale 750ml acquired 8/12
  • Goose Island Pere Jacques 22oz acquired 8/12
  • A'Chouffe McCouffe 750ml acquired 9/12
  • DeProef Zoetzuur 750ml acquired 9/12
  • Great Divide Wolfgang 12oz acquired 9/12
  • Ranger Creek Small Batch No. 1 12.7oz acquired 9/12
  • Ranger Creek Small Batch No. 2 12.7oz acquired 9/12
  • Ovilla Saison 750ml acquired 6/12
  • New Belgium Tart Lychee 22oz acquired 6/12
  • Widmer Kill Devil 750ml acquired 6/12
  • Ommegang Art of Darkness 750ml acquired 6/12
  • Left Hand Smoke Jumper Imperial Porter 22oz acquired 6/12 (need to drink before the smoke starts to fade)
  • Ranger Creek Mesquire Porter 22oz acquired 6/12 (also need to drink before smoke fades)
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru 2x750ml acquired 9/12
  • Schneider Weisse 500ml acquired 9/12 (will go into the fridge soon)
  • Schneider Aventinus 500ml acquired 9/12
  • Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero 22oz acquired 9/12
  • St. Arnold's Pumpkinator 22oz acquired 10/12
  • Full Sail Wassail 12oz acquired 10/12
  • Pike Place Brewing Naughtie Nelly 22oz acquired 10/22
  • Boulevard Yorkshire Stingo 750ml acquired 9/12
  • Eel River Raven's Eye 22oz acquired 9/12
  • Wasatch Devastator 12oz acquired 9/12
  • Le Petite Prince 750ml acquired 9/12
  • Wittekerke Winter White Ale 750ml acquired 12/11 (bought and forgot)
  • Great Divide Espresso Yeti 22oz acquired 7/12
  • Avery Nineteen Tripel 22oz acquired 9/12
That's a very rudimentary  list and I did a poor job of listing them in any fashion other than how I wrote them down as I tried to catalog them on paper some time ago. If you notice the acquisition dates tend to clump around certain months. That's usually when some new beer place has opened or somewhere was running a sale or I took a vacation. My wife and I really went on a tear buying beer this year but that was because we found a lot of great stuff we really wanted to try and it's always cheaper to buy a bottle and bring it home than buy a pint or half pint at a bar. Plus, we don't go out too much since we're both in school. We try to drink one bottle from our reserve each week and right now I'm trying to enjoy some of the beers that will decline with age, such as the smoke beers, so we can enjoy the full value of the beer. We'll probably scout out some winter beers in December but we're running really low on room for beer in the house so we'll need to drink down our reserve for a bit before we bring in another haul.

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