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September 14, 2012

Wild Ale 2.0 -- Two Months

It's been about two months since I rebrewed the wild ale and I thought I would check in on it. Like other irregular beers, there's a lot of waiting and not a lot of exciting changes to see along the way.

The beer has dropped brilliantly clear, which is a bit surprising for a beer with a lot of wheat in it. There is a very thin, light pellicle. I rocked the fermentor gently to see if any of the ropy character I saw in the starter would carry over. I didn't see any. I'm not even thinking about giving it a taste yet because last time I brewed this beer and tasted it two or three months in it was a huge diacetyl bomb. No reason to relive that. I seem to think the brett character really started to show up around month three or four so I'll continue to review and update if anything exciting changes.

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