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August 2, 2012

Redesign Finished. OR IS IT?

I took a little time this week out of preparing for the MPRE (that's the ethics exam for lawyers) and doing a terrible, terrible cleanse diet to redesign this blog. I mostly wanted to clean up the interface so all the important groupings of posts were easier to find (see to the left) and hopefully I can draw reader attention to the better posts and let some of my less intelligent ramblings descend into the internet abyss. What do you think? If it sucks, please say so. I won't be offended.

Well, hopefully a slightly improved look will encourage me to do a better job of writing in a way that comes across in less of a rambling, useless manner.

Some updates, just to get some brewing info in this post:

  • Next week following my Friday morning MPRE test I am flying out to Colorado for another beer tour of the state. Crazy excited to see friends up there, take a vacation, drink excellent beer, see new breweries, return to some great breweries and avoid the Texas heat.
  • Labor Day weekend will be another trip to Austin. The goal is to tour some of the breweries in the downtown area but let's see how not-hungover I can be. 
  • This weekend I plan on bottling my perry-like whatever-it-is, so if that turns out tasty I'll blog about it.
  • I will bottle Dogtails 3, my brett saison soon. 
  • I intend on finishing up cleaning up the fridge I bought to convert into a fermentation chamber so I'll chat a little about that awesome craigslist score.
  • I need to brew up my first wit, spelt saison, hatch chile blonde and Petrus aged pale clone but as mentioned repeatedly before, I am still trying to consume the tail ends of several other homebrew batches.
  • I need to put together a porter and black IPA recipe for the mesquite pods I recently acquired.
  • I've also been thinking for a while on a nice long post about building recipes but I haven't had the time to sit down and write it.

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