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July 17, 2012

Wild Ale 2.0 -- Day Four of Fermentation

I checked on the beer over the weekend and while there was activity it wasn't really interesting enough to snap pictures. The beer developed a white foamy krausen that looked like a carboy freshly filled after sanitizing with starsan. Overnight on Sunday something changed and it decided to throw up a darker krausen that's stuck to the neck of the fermentor so it's hard to get a good picture now without disturbing it. Jerk. The beer is still very cloudy and the krausen has disappeared but small bubbles line the outer edge of the beer's surface so there is some slight CO2 continuing to be released.

There's no unusual smell or appearance to it but if the starter is any indication I will likely soon see a thin pellicle form as the CO2 blanket dissipates over time. I want to keep the stopper and airlock in place as much as possible to keep oxygen exposure to a minimum (I have no idea what's in the beer that might create bad flavors with the presence of oxygen, such as acetobacter or other spoilage bacteria). That means I probably won't have a lot of pictures, at least until a solid pellicle forms. Sorry, I don't want to ruin a year-long (or more) project just to snap pictures.

The tl;dr version is nothing unusual is happening. I will continue to keep an eye on it and report back when there are any changes.

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