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February 23, 2011

Brewing of an Oud Bruin Part 5 -- 1 month update

So it is officially one month in the fermenter. It looks, well, exactly like a pale age fermented for one month. Not terribly exciting. I took a whiff in the fermenter and although it smells somewhat tart and somewhat fruity, it definitely is not showing signs of brett -- yet.

I'm not concerned at this point, especially considering that the lambic solera has been fermenting for a little over two months and it is just now starting to change from a sour-tart smell to a pronounced brett smell. I expect the brett to begin to appear 2-3 months out as well. Considering this beer does not have lacto or pedio to continue souring the beer as the lambic does, I would expect brett to work more slowly to develop in a less sour environment.

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