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January 8, 2011

Lambic Solera Update #1

The lambic is a few days shy of being a month old. It fermented predictably normal the first couple of weeks. Krausen, airlock bubbling, etc. It has slightly cleared up in the way you would expect a month old wheat beer to be. At this time there is no pellicle; I was not expecting any signs of one yet but I am keeping my eye out. I did remove the cap on the carboy and took a couple of whiffs. It is clear that the bugs are souring away. It has a very tart aroma to it, much like the Lindeman's gueuze -- which is no surprise since I added dregs from a bottle of it -- but it still has some sweetness to the smell like a normal beer.

Nothing too exciting to report yet but hopefully in a few months I will get some pellicle formation and I'll have some good pictures to show.

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