Sour Mash/Sour Wort Resources

Sour mashing/sour worting seems to be the most popular source of readers to my blog, so below you'll find some of my posts about the sour mash and sour wort process along with some of my sour wort beers. I prefer the sour wort process (mashing a portion of the grain bill, sparging and quickly boiling to sterilize the wort before souring to promote the selection of lactobacillus over other less desirable bacteria) rather than sour mashing (souring the whole mash) but the resources below can easily be converted for sour mashing.

Sour Mash/Sour Wort Primer - This highly popular post discusses the three common techniques to sour your beer pre-boil when you just don't want to wait months for souring to occur or worry about contaminating your equipment.

Styles Guide for Sour Mashing/Sour Worting - Sour mashing isn't just for berliner weisse! This post discusses more about using sour mashes/sour worts and how to use that technique in different styles and what areas I think it is probably best to avoid souring.

Sour Worted Kriek-style Blonde - This discusses the process for using a sour mash to create a kriek-like sour blonde. It's not lambic-like but it did produce a tasty, tart cherry-flavored beer. Surprisingly, it's almost two years old and I still have some bottles to drink.

Sour Worted Brett Saison (part 1) - I used my brett saison blend for a sour mashed saison recipe. The recipe is a bit unusual for a saison but the beer turned out great. This part discusses the recipe and thoughts behind it.

Sour Worted Brett Saison (part 2) - This post follows up on the brewing process.