Beer Adventures

Sometimes you need a good beer vacation. While I don't get too much into reviewing beers, some beers are worth a good mention and I tend to pick up some interesting info visiting breweries. Below are posts of some of my beer adventures:

2011 Beer Adventures

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 1 - Overview

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 2 - Avery Brewing

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 3 - Left Hand Brewing and Oskar Blues Liquids and Solids, Longmont

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 4 - Odell Brewing and Coopersmith Brewpub

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 5 - Dam Brewing, Rock Bottom Brewpub, Boulder Beer Co. and Wynkoop Brewing

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 6 - Fort Collins Brewing, Funkwerks and Crooked Stave

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 7 - The one and only New Belgium tour

Colorado Dec. 2011 Part 8 - Concluding remarks

Las Vegas 2011

2012 Beer Adventures

Austin June 2012

Austin August/September 2012 -- Part I

Austin August/September 2012 -- Part II 

Colorado Aug. 2012 Part 1 - Overview and some honorable mentions for great beers I found in Colorado

Colorado Aug. 2012 Part 2 - I drink beers in Denver and Longmont

Colorado Aug. 2012 Part 3 - Back in Fort Collins enjoying Odell Brewing, Fort Collins Brewing, New Belgium Brewing

Colorado Aug. 2012 Part 4 - Back to Funkwerks plus a trip to Equinox Brewing

2013 Beer Adventures

Austin March 2013 Part 1 - Some introductory babble about Austin's beer scene and industry

Austin March 2013 Part 2 - Flix Brewing, Hops & Grain, Bangers

Austin March 2013 Part 3 - Heading west to Thirsty Planet and Jester King

Austin March 2013 Part 4 - Whip In/Namaste, Live Oak and Freetail

Austin March 2013 Part 5 - Pinthouse Pizza, Austin Draught House and Black Star Co-op

Las Vegas 2013 - Public House in the Venetian gets attacked along with several other new (to me) places.

Back in Austin June 2013 Part 1 - I babble some more about the trip and changes to Texas beer laws

Back in Austin June 2013 Part 2 - Real Ale, Austin Draught House, Thirsty Planet

Back in Austin June 2013 Part 3 - Hops and Grain, Whip-In, Bangers, Flix Brewing

Colorado Drinking September 2013 Part 1 - Introduction to the trip

Colorado Drinking September 2013 Part 2 - Denver breweries

Colorado Drinking September 2013 Part 3 - Denver beer bars/restaurants

Colorado Drinking September 2013 Part 4 - Breweries outside Denver and in Colorado Springs

Colorado Drinking September 2013 Part 5 - Fort Collins

2014 Beer Adventures

2014 Drinking in Austin - Visiting the usual places

Oregon Beer Trail Part 1 - An overview

Oregon Beer Trail Part 2 - Portland: Deschutes Portland Brew Pub, Hair of the Dog and Cascade

Oregon Beer Trail Part 3 - Portland: Breakside, Upright, Hopworks Urban Brewery and The Commons

Oregon Beer Trail Part 4 - Hood River: Double Mountain, pFriem, Logsdon and Solera

Oregon Beer Trail Part 5 - Bend: 10 Barrel, Good Life, Deschutes Production Facility, Deschutes Bend Brew Pub, Cascade Lakes, McMenamins, Silver Moon, Old Mill Brew Werks, Worthy, Bend Brewing, Boneyard and Crux.

California Alcoholiday Part 1 - The Bruery

California Alcoholiday Part 2 - Firestone Walker Barrelworks, Firestone Walker production facility, Russian River


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