Yeast Project

I received some yeast samples from a source-which-cannot-be-named that, to my knowledge, are not part of either Wyeast's or White Labs' catalog of yeast available to homebrewers. These samples include strains from old American breweries, a few strains from a defunct English brewery, a couple brett strains and some other stuff. I decided to take the samples generously provided and try to catalog them based on flavor profile and attenuation. I'm not a scientist so my process and output is very rudimentary and will probably make the more scientific among you bang your head against the wall.

A quick note about the organization of this page: as of now I am just posting up my notes in chronological order but as I complete an initial profile for each strain I will try to build a specific post for each strain to centralize the information and make it more organized. I am trying to track down the history of the strain and the beer it came from so I'll add those notes as well.

Overview - Explains the strains, their identification labels in my system and overall plan

Notes for Culturing RAM-1, 2 and 10

Tasting RAM-1, 2 and 10 fermentation tests - I tasted each beer produced from the fermentation test with tasting notes.

Notes for Culturing RAM-3, 5 and 8

Suspending the project - Realizing I wasn't doing a satisfactory job developing an understanding of the strains I decide to suspend the project with the exception of playing with a couple brett strains.

Experimental Strain Final Notes:

RAM-4: Super-attenuatuve saccharomyces diastaticus, I decided not to attempt to brew with this one but you can read more about this "ninja yeast" and why I made that decision


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