March 9, 2014

Blacula Rye Porter Recipe

Blacula is the second beer beer to be aged for my 2015 blending project. Yeah. Blacula. I said it. Blacula. Blacula is an awesome 70s blaxpoitation movie and a fitting name for a dark beer that will slumber. Come on, it's not the worst name I've picked for a beer.

Blacula is a big 8% rye-supported porter--perhaps more appropriately labeled an imperial rye porter--designed specifically to age into a mellow porter with some hints of oxidation but a big bite of rye. The combination of Blacula and Old King Clancy should be interesting, not to mention how I end up blending them with young beer next year. While I expect Old King Clancy to add a lot of sweetness, I expect Blacula will be biting (get it?) or at least more balanced in what it adds. Not only is there a big slug of rye malt but rather than using lots of crystal and munich malt, as is common in porter recipes, I opted to go more roasty and nearer to a stout. Anyway, let's get to the recipe.

Blacula Rye Porter Recipe

Est. OG: 1.085
Est. FG: 1.020
Est. ABV: 8.1%
Bitterness: 42.3 IBU
Color: 39.6 SRM
Est. Efficiency: 72%
Batch size: 1 gallon

The Grist

58%  2lb. Maris Otter [3 SRM]
29%  1lb. Rye malt [4.7 SRM]
7.2% 4oz. Chocolate malt [350 SRM]
3.8% 2oz. Crystal 120L [120 SRM]
2%    1oz. Black patent malt [500 SRM]

The Mash

Single infusion of 4.31 qt at 163.7F for 152F rest for 60 minutes
Sparge 1.14 gallons of 180F water
Water adjusted in Bru'n water to black malty profile

Mash Water: 1.08 gallons

Gypsum 0.1g
Epsom salt 0.2g
Canning salt 0.2g
Calcium chloride 0.1g
Chalk 0.5g

Sparge Water: 1.14 gallons

Gypsum 0.1g
Epsom salt 0.2g
Canning salt 0.2g
Calcium chloride 0.1g
Lactic acid 0.6ml

The Boil

60 minute boil
0.25oz. Belma [12.10% AAU] at 60 42.3 IBU
0.15 tsp irish moss at 10 minutes

The Fermentation

Ferment with S-04 at 63F with rise to 66F once gravity dropped 80% to estimated FG. Age with 0.25oz whiskey-soaked oak cubes.


Brewday 3.9.14

First runnings: 1.073
Pre-boil gravity: 1.053
Pre-boil volume: 2 gallons
Pre-boil efficiency: 90%

Post-boil gravity: 1.084
Post-boil volume: 1 gallon
Efficiency: 71%

Bottled 12.20.14. FG: 1.014. ABV: 8.9%.


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