November 19, 2013

2014 Recipes/Brews

Piggybacking on last week's post, I thought I would go ahead and list the "final" list of brews for my 2014 brewing year. I say "final" because somehow I always end up brewing more beers than I plan for at the beginning of the year. Next year I plan on brewing a lot of beer so I can be more generous with sharing at least a few of the batches with people, especially now that I have joined a local homebrewing club and our meetings quickly devolve into sitting around and drinking. Anyway, here is what I have decided on:

  • Apricot blonde (2 gallons) - a holdover from this year that didn't get brewed over the summer as I had planned
  • Adambier (1 gallon) - a modified recipe for the adambier in Barleywine.
  • Biere de Mars (1 gallon) - a modified recipe for the biere de mars recipe in Farmhouse Ales using a fun mix of American, French and Bohemian hop varieties. Not the same recipe I currently have lagering.
  • Pale ale (2.5 gallons) - a simple, cascade-driven pale ale that I am going to cask up in a party pig. I am going back and forth about aging it on oak. I will probably just cask as is.
  • Oak aged dry stout (2.5 gallons) - a dry stout that I will age on oak cubes that have been soaking in one form or whiskey or another. I haven't decided for sure which oak cubes I will use on this batch. Maybe I will split it up against a couple types of whiskey.
  • Imperial saison (3 gallons) - a big saison inspired by Dupont's Avec les Bon Voeux with a blend of American, French and Bohemian hops and a portion sour worted to give it a little acidity.
  • Kellerbier (2.5 gallons) - simple pilsner recipe that will go unfiltered into a party pig for cask service.
  • Lambic Solera Year Four (4 gallons) - the next refill on the lambic solera
  • Pivo Kielich Gratzer (1 gallons) - a slightly modified version of my gratzer recipe for a lower gravity version.
  • Rye saison (1 gallon) - a hoppy rye saison with a mix of American, Bohemian and New Zealand hops.
  • Salivator Doppelbock (1 gallon) - a rebrew of my doppelbock, modeled on Kai's doppelbock recipe.
  • Sour rye stout (3 gallons) - a rye-packed stout that will undergo a sour wort. 
  • Tmare pivo (2 gallons) - a tmare recipe modeled off of the recipe in Hops that sounds interesting.
  • Tropic Bling saison (2.5 gallons) - another attempt at cloning Funkwerks' Tropic King.
  • Spontaneously fermented lambic (5 gallons) - classic lambic process will be given up to whatever organisms float in my backyard. 
Thirty-four gallons of beer in total, although less packaged after trub is accounted for. The two lambics make up a big portion of that beer although they will be at least a year in the making. It's a good mix of beers that will benefit from fresh drinking and a few that can stand up to some aging. The lambics will get brewed next month and then I will probably hit some of the smaller batches in the early part of 2014 to balance my desire to brew with my desire to drink down some of my existing stock of homebrew. Hell, I still have the two gallon cask of rye imperial stout I brewed this year that I haven't even tapped. By my records I have a little over eighteen gallons of homebrew in bottles, fifteen gallons in fermentors and probably another eight gallons of commercial beer in my "cellar".


  1. Is the Kellerbier modeled off anything available off the shelf? The only example I know of that's available to me is the Sam Adams Alpine Spring.

  2. The recipe is modeled on the recipe provided by Victory Brewing in For the Love of Hops, which I believe is the recipe for their keller pils. The only other unfiltered lagers that come to mind are the rare one off casks or kegs that breweries sometimes release locally.

    Basically I am just brewing a pilsner without any clarifying agents or really cold lager. I'll ferment around 46-50F and after a d rest let it hang out around 50F or so for a couple weeks before tossing it in a party pig for a cask-like pour.

  3. Oh nice. Victory is about an hour from me, and their beer is very easy to get a hold of. Looks like they have a few Keller beers, as part of their Braumeister Pils series.

    Thanks for update. Looking forward to the upcoming posts.