April 9, 2013

Hot Carl loves the bottle

So I wouldn't normally update about a beer I just bottled but I happened to check in on the wild ale I bottled after dry hopping with Belma hops and was shocked to find some serious pellicle action in the bottle. I'm used to seeing pellicles in the bottle on my sour beers but I've never seen them rise up so quickly or get so thick. Here's a couple pics I snapped on Monday.

This first picture is the neck of a 22oz bottle. You can see the pellicle is very fluffy and dense. I'm used to seeing very flat, patchy bottle pellicles.

This second picture is a half-filled 22oz bomber so there's a much larger surface area on the beer. I've never seen anything like that in a bottle. The picture isn't great but you can sort of make out large bubbles in the center of the picture.

So that sort of changes my plans on drinking this beer very soon to take advantage of the dry hopping. What I will probably do is crack open a bottle in a couple weeks and see if it is worth drinking now. I suspect with all that activity whatever is getting busy in the bottle might be producing a weird flavor now and I'll have to wait it out to see what happens with this beer. Can't say I'm disappointed that it has taken an unexpected turn but it's definitely unexpected.


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