September 7, 2012

Brewing wit/Bottling saison

Finally getting that wit brewed this week. It's looking good so far; just waiting for hot break to start the boil timer. The boil is getting several additions: EKG hops at 30 minutes; table sugar and wheat flour at 10 minutes; sweet orange peel, grapefruit peel and coriander at five minutes. I'll post the recipe up soon, probably next week. I know some of the additions are strange but they make sense in the recipe. I'm also boiling down some excess runnings to replace the starter wort I used to harvest the wit yeast so I can keep a constant supply in the freezer. I'm excited about getting to try out the new fermentation chamber and make sure it doesn't catch on fire and burn my house down.

I don't have a free fermentor for the wit so I'm also bottling the spelt saison brewed a couple weeks ago (recipe here). I don't expect further attenuation so it's time to get it in the bottle and carbonated. I'll also try to post an update of how the beer turned out in three or so weeks when I give it a sampling. Maybe I'll try it side by side with my sour mashed brett saison that I bottled last month but haven't tried yet.

I missed brewing...


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