April 16, 2012

Quick update on the probiotic...whatever it is

So I added another pill's worth of creatures on Friday and I've been trying to keep it constantly warm. Around Saturday afternoon it started getting more cloudy and it is getting a very tangy sour smell. It's very reminiscent of yogurt. It's not the usual rotten creamed corn smell I get from sour mashing from grain innoculation. I'm not completely sure how I feel about getting the aroma or flavor of yogurt in my beer. Right now I'm just happy I'm getting some activity out of whatever I have.

The plan is to let it ride for a few more days and keep hitting it with heat. Ideally, I would like it to get intensely tart but lacto is not usually known for being that sour. If it seems palatable then I'll pull off most of the liquid and give it a quick boil before blending it into the brown ale. I will most likely try to save the cake for future batches so if the beer ends up really tasty I'll be able to reproduce it.


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