September 14, 2011

Is homemade candy syrup/rocks as good as D2?

Most people search out homemade candy syrup recipes to replicate D2 syrup because it's so damn expensive. I've yet to find anybody who claims to have reproduced anything exactly like D2. Although it's easy to produce the caramel, dark fruits and rummy flavors, D2 also has a chocolate-like flavor that nobody has been able to crack. Dark Candi, the manufacturer, claims it is only beet sugar processed by heating and cooling repeatedly. No additives. Dark Candi is very hush hush about the process, for good reason.

I've written before about making beers with homemade syrup and my processes to make it. I am happy with them. I made a dubbel that was straight pilsner malt and homemade amber-ish syrup. It produced a delicious caramel flavor. I've also made my winter beer, a dark saison, using a darker syrup. It is delicious and fairly close to D2 but still missing the dark chocolate flavor.

I think it's interesting and worthwhile to create beers using various darkness of caramel/candy syrups. It gives you an opportunity to create a beer that is different from everybody else. What kind of interesting mild could be created using light to dark syrups? Can a light candy syrup add better flavor than honey? So on and so on.

However, I'd like to give the repeated heating and cooling process a try. Let's see what I can do.


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