September 9, 2011

Future Brewz

So I guess I have abandoned my idea of not brewing a lot. I mean, it was a good idea, considering how much beer we have on hand (currently about 22.5 gallons bottled, 9 gallons in fermenters) but it was unrealistic, given how much I enjoy brewing. I should use up the grains I have before I go into next summer's hiatus (hopefully) so here is my likely schedule moving forward:

  • Apricot hefeweizen (3 gallons): I already have the grain for this beer so it needs to be made. I had planned on doing a watermelon wheat over the summer but it was just way too hot to control the temperature to do a hefeweizen so once it cools off I want to make a fruit hefeweizen so this will satisfy my desire. Apricot makes for a good beer and it's fairly underutilized so it will make for a good, interesting hefeweizen. Likely brew time: November
  • Apricot brett saison (2 gallons): using my very nice brett-saison culture I'm going to turn out a couple gallons of brett saison with apricot. Yep, more apricot action. Since this beer will take about nine months to produce it will be a nice light, but interesting summer beer for the 2012. Likely brew time: November
  • Black ale (1 gallon): My wife is a big schwartzbier fan but without lagering abilities I'm stuck doing a 1554-like black ale instead. I already have the grains for this beer, so it also needs to be made. Likely brew time: November
  • Vienna/Rye blond (2 gallons): I bought the grains for this to be made in the summer but again, I didn't drink enough to make room for it. This beer is going to combine the spicy rye notes with a healthy dose of hops to make for a nice beer when I get in the very rare mood for a hoppy beer. Likely brew time: March
  • Lambic solera replenishment (4 gallons): December will make 1 year for the lambic, which will be time to drain some out and add fresh wort. I expect to do this in December but if the beer needs to go longer I'd rather let it keep aging than get a less than great beer after already investing a year. Likely brew time: December
I'd like to work on some Belgian styles (specifically Belgian blonde and dubbel, maybe a quad) but we'll see how that works out.


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