August 27, 2011

My other blog -- beer reviews

I'd like to introduce my new blog, "I Reviewed Beer" where unsurprisingly, I review beer. I've been trying some great beers and I find myself wanting to document my thoughts and I know some people don't like to read reviews so I wanted to separate them out from the strictly homebrewing discussion.

I am far from an expert on reviewing or judging beers so my scoring and reviews are hardly professional or accurate. I think writing out reviews is actually very helpful in breaking down flavors and flavor combinations and exploring the beer. It makes me think differently about flavors and I think getting in the habit of reviewing beers will help me improve the complexity of my own recipes.

Feedback is always welcome and comments are turned on so you can share your thoughts on the beers or tell me, in the words of Gordon Ramsay, that I have the palate of a cow's backside.


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