June 16, 2011

Lambic Solera Update #3

This marks the 6ish month mark for the solera. I haven't been posting much about it since it hasn't really changed much over time and I don't want to disturb the pellicle by getting in there for samples. I did take a look this morning and saw a  big change. Gone is the white-ish bubbling from before. Now it is covered in a cream-colored pellicle that has the appearance of being somewhat ribbed. This might be the ropy texture of pedio coming out. It's about that time for pedio and brett to really start getting to work so I wouldn't be surprised. It smelled about the same as it did before the pellicle changed (tart/sour with a hint of cherry) but definitely a new summer look to go along with the rise in heat. We are already hitting 100F for the year so it's definitely getting warmer in the fermentation area of my house.

Here is my typically crappy photo.


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