June 6, 2011

Drinking on the honeymoon

We stayed for six glorious nights in an all-inclusive resort on Playa Mujeres in Mexico, which is just a hint north from Cancun. It was really great and I had tons of fun relaxing and enjoying the beach. Although it was a five star resort it lacked a proper beer list. I had committed myself to drinking liquor the whole week. When we arrived and I asked what beers they had and was given the usual list of Mexican beers. They had Victoria, which I had recently read about in an issue of All About Beer (or maybe Draft), but had never tried. I ordered two and gave it a taste. I was really, really shocked. It was definitely Mexican lager but with more of a malt backbone. It is billed as a Vienna-style lager but it's definitely different from Negro Modelo. Personally I found it more enjoyable than Negro Modelo (except when it was on tap). I definitely drank my share.

I saw online that it has only made its way to the US in the past year or so. It's already getting pissy ratings on beeradvocate.com because well, it's not a IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPA or a sour. Look, it's a great session beer when it's hot. It was sweet and thirst quenching without being sticky-sweet or cloying in the hot, slightly humid environment. I haven't tried it in the states yet so I'm not sure how the import version compares to the Mexican versions. It's worth trying as long as you are willing to drink it for what it is.

I also put down a lot of scotch. I had never had scotch before. I tried both Johnny Walker red and black. I liked the black a lot more because it was more complex and smoky. Both were good. It's good to have a snotty drink as a soon to be lawyer so I'm glad me and scotch went together. Yeah, when you're having a double of scotch on the rocks at 10:30AM it's a good day. Too bad scotch is so expensive.

Ok, enough non-homebrewing chatter. I'm going to wrap up my wheat wine and oud bruin this weekend so I'll have some good updates coming up within the next week or so.


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