August 16, 2010

Blogging on blogging about beer

I apologize that so many of my posts seem scatterbrained and at times chock full of really long discussions. My normal writing scope over the past few years has been technical discussions and schoolwork, which are highly edited and revised works, that are the product of long processes to get all the facts accurately presented and carefully constructed. I’m really rather new to the blogging experience. I don’t tweet, and I’m not very frantic about updating my facebook status.

My blogging comes more from a desire to get my thoughts down while they are fresh so I can capture my thoughts, and most importantly my excitement in the experimenting and brewing process. It’s hard to take that through the editing process because my initial reaction is to treat it technically and reduce down my thoughts and expressions, removing a lot of what I enjoy with brewing. Part of that editing process makes me inclined to remove, or at least carefully construct my brewing mistakes to downplay them. That’s unfortunate because mistakes sometimes yield positive results and I want to expose those so that people who experience the same mistakes can learn from them and figure out how to prevent or at least correct them when they happen.

The downside is that my walkthroughs on brewing and recipes come out disorganized, which is less helpful for people trying to learn from it (and I hope someday people actually do). It’s very difficult to try to produce a complete piece on a recipe because I want to publish the recipe and the process while the beer is fermenting, when I have no idea how the final product will turn out. So I hope my future posts will be a little more carefully constructed but still maintain the excitement and honesty of what went right (and wrong) in the process.

As I type this, I’m sitting at home surrounded by a recent massive purchase from AHS that will yield many gallons of beer and complete many of my projects for 2010 and into 2011, so I should have many opportunities to try to produce some better pieces.

Here’s to lots of brewing, learning, and experimenting!


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