Grätzer/Grodziskie - Brain Sparging on Brewing


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This style of beer can either be referred to by its German name (Grätzer) or its Polish name (Grodziskie). It is a style of beer traditionally brewed with 100% oak-smoked wheat malt and highly hopped (for its time) with Saaz hops. It is a magical, magical wheat beer. You may have read about it in the very excellent book, Brewing with Wheat. A small number of craft breweries are reviving the style and many others are showing interest in brewing it now that Weyermann is producing an oak-smoked wheat malt specifically for this style. Below are two posts about my attempt to construct a slightly higher ABV version of the beer.

Pivo Kielich Part I - Some discussion about the style, my recipe and brewing notes.

Pivo Kielich Part II - My tasting notes

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